Designated Fat Girl
For more than 16 years, I struggled with morbid obesity.  I tried every
way I knew how to get out of it, but I always failed.  What I’ve realized is
that my approach was all wrong; I believed what society is always
telling us:  if you really want to lose the weight, if you’ve really had
enough, you’ll make up your mind and you’ll do it.

But what if your weight problem stems from addiction?  Is sheer will
power enough to stop it?  It took me more than a decade to learn no,
diet and exercise isn’t enough to stop addiction.  And food addiction
is every bit as real as the experience of alcoholics or drug addicts.  

Designated Fat Girl is story of overcoming food addiction.  It is a
highly personal account of what it is like to be morbidly obese, to be
desperate to stop the downward spiral, but being unable to achieve
success.  I did ultimately overcome the problem, and my book details
that inspiring journey.

Designated Fat Girl is being published by Globe Pequot Press.  Look
for it in stores in September 2010.
View the book trailer on YouTube!.  Click Here!