Photo Gallery
The dress didn't fit.  My mom had to let my dress out the night before my wedding.  
My smile masks the self-consciousness I felt about a dress that was too tight.  It
was supposed to be my big day, but I was miserable.
My son Eli was born three weeks early, weighing 12 pounds, 7 ounces.  My
gestational diabetes was out of control, and all of the extra sugar that my body
couldn't handle was passed on to my unborn child.  Eli was born with difficulty
breathing and a hole in his heart.  I knew it was all my fault.  My first words to him
were "I'm sorry".  Thankfully, Eli is a healthy and happy little boy today.
On top of the world: I was at my lowest weight in years and was head over heels
in love with the man of my dreams.
This was me in March 2009, one year after my surgery.  I'd lost 138 pounds
and felt on top of the world!  Everyone asked me what my favorite part was:
buying new clothes, getting compliments, etc.  But my answer was an easy
one:  no longer being a slave to food.  I was addiction-free and it was
indescribable!  Freedom.  Relief.
Left picture is me the morning of my surgery, March 17, 2008.  I weighed
336 pounds.  Right pictures is six months later --  I'd lost 100 pounds!